Our greatest passion is helping you achieve your goals by making inspiring connections to

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About Board Brilliance


Forged over nearly 20 years of experience, Board Brilliance leadership equips your board members to serve with competence and confidence.  Whether high-functioning, mystified by their roles and responsibilities, or struggling with simmering dysfunctional governance, Board Brilliance can assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and offer strategic support to reach your desired outcomes.

About Sara Chambers, CEO

Since 1998, I’ve assisted more than 30 nonprofit and government boards to increase productivity, funding, and effectiveness in meeting their unique missions.  In doing so, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with teams of over 100 people in multiple locations and managing multi-million dollar budgets. I’ve also experienced the challenge and thrill of working closely with state legislators and other high-level government officials on sensitive projects.

In addition to engaging locally as a proud sports mom, worship leader, and elected city assembly member, I contribute on the board of directors of an international industry association and have served on the national board of a political organization. In 2011, The Alaska Journal of Commerce named me one of Alaska’s Top 40 Under Forty. What an honor!

The common theme across my career?  Advancing the greater good through service in community with others.

Our greatest passion is helping you achieve your goals by making inspiring connections to information, ideas, and individuals.

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