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All successful construction projects require proper tools and resources–and building a flourishing organization is no different.  Equip your team with the instruments they need to succeed with one of the assessments, evaluations, or training modules below. A la carte or by subscription, Board Brilliance is your partner from the foundation to the summit.

Getting started with assessments

  • Organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Individual board member aptitude and attitude toward duties

Guidance on cornerstone topics, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff
  • Ethical considerations
  • Leading with integrity
  • Effective meeting management
  • Defensible decisionmaking
  • Constructing bylaws
  • Membership development
  • Sustainable fundraising strategies
  • Grantwriting basics
  • Lobbying government officials
  • Recruiting top-notch board members
  • Designing effective presentations
  • Designing and maintaining a social media presence
  • Telling your organizational story
  • Defending your brand and reputation

Evaluations of effectiveness

  • How was the meeting?
  • Individual board member performance
  • Executive staff performance

For faith-based organizations

  • Leadership concepts in church governance
  • Effective policymaking strategies for church leaders

Strategic planning

  • Defining purpose, goals, and outcomes
  • Identifying your niche
  • Closing the gap:  Mapping the path to reaching your goals

Keynotes and custom content

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